Another Scam: A ‘Past Life Coach’

Another Scam: A ‘Past Life Coach’ January 7, 2014

If there’s anything more ridiculous than having or being a “life coach” it would be having a “past life coach.” And that’s exactly what a massage therapist in Fargo, North Dakota has declared herself with the help of “North Dakota’s #1 news website.”

She began regular appointments with Brusseau, who through the years has expanded her massage therapy practice beyond the body to the mind and soul.

Brusseau, 33, is a certified soul and past-life coach. She also does CranioSacral therapy, reiki and intuitive consulting through her business, Lotus Touch, located inside Anderson Family Chiropractic in Fargo. She leads classes, workshops and speaks at holistic expos, and also does phone and email readings and coaching.

“I think God put Karissa in my path on purpose,” Thomas says. “She definitely connected what I needed connecting.”

Thomas would lie quietly while Brusseau gave her visions to meditate. She suggested books to read about soul journeying. They talked about seeing her aura in color.

Oh good, she’s a certified “soul and past-life coach.” Certified by what professional organization exactly, the Association of Con Artists United? All of this is presented in a “news” outlet, complete with her phone number and address so you can run right down to give her your money for this bullshit.

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