Chuck Norris Pushes ‘Detox’ Scam

Chuck Norris Pushes ‘Detox’ Scam January 7, 2014

I’ve never quite understood why the Worldnetdaily thinks Chuck Norris some sort of expert on health medicine. I mean, I know he did a ridiculous infomercial for some piece of exercise equipment, but that hardly qualifies him for med school. And now he’s gone completely over to the side of medical woo, embracing the “detox” fraud and the single worst anti-science crank in that entire field.

Mr. Norris, after a month of eating holiday sweets immersed in sugars and saturated fats, I’m ready to flush my body’s system for a new year. Any advice on how to detoxify? – The Florida Filter

Detoxify? That is a big word that basically means “get rid of the toxins in your body.” And there are solid reasons for detoxifying as we enter the new year that go far beyond holiday binging.

For starters, Mike Adams, aka “Health Ranger,” an outspoken consumer health advocate and award-winning investigative journalist, reported, “Today, more than 95 percent of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies and lack of physical exercise.”

For starters, Mike Adams is…You know, I’ve been trying really hard not to describe people as crazy or insane, but people like Adams make it really difficult. The man is simply unhinged. There isn’t a conspiracy he hasn’t bought into and advocated. He’s a 9/11 truther, a birther, an anti-vaxxer, an HIV/AIDS denialist. In fact, he denies the germ theory of disease completely. He believes in chemtrails and that every mass shooting is a false flag operation intended to pave the way to taking all our guns. He thinks the UN is going to take over the United States very soon. You name the deranged conspiracy theory, he believes it. So, pretty much perfectly in line with everything else found in the Worldnetdaily.

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