Garrow: Christians Facing ‘Full-Blown Persecution’

Garrow: Christians Facing ‘Full-Blown Persecution’ January 9, 2014

Jim Garrow, the con man who claims Obama tried to nuke South Carolina and will soon be talking to aliens, went on David Barton’s radio show and struck the martyr pose. Christians are facing “full-blown persecution” and the government will soon be shutting down churches that won’t perform gay marriages.

If you are an Evangelical Christian, it’s a full-blown persecution like we have not seen in America. We now are beginning to wear a badge of honor that we do not want to wear and that kind of persecution that we find in the rest of the world, we’re now experiencing it here and it has enormous implications for the future.

I don’t know what’s ahead; I’m not going to try and predict the future but I know where it could potentially go and that would be where the government leans on churches so severely, so strongly, not only ripping away their tax exemption which, I assume, many churches could not survive that and the loss of buildings when you don’t hire practicing homosexual pastors or you don’t perform homosexual weddings and the church is forced officially underground. That could be where we head.

I’d love to hear him offer some plausible pathway to that dystopic future, but I’m sure it would just be a bunch of screaming about Obama being a Kenyan Muslim communist fascist reptilian.

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