Ooh, 2014 ‘Psychic’ Predictions

Ooh, 2014 ‘Psychic’ Predictions January 12, 2014

It’s a new year and that means a whole new set of yearly predictions from “psychics” that won’t come true at a rate above chance unless they’re so vague or obvious that anyone could predict them. Lamont Hamilton, who predicted that in 2013 Congress would pass comprehensive immigration reform, the UN would pass a global tax, that Justice Ginsburg would retire and many more misses, has a few more:

A discovery that diseases can be transmitted or transferred by pure thought from one location to another will be found. (Wanna bet?)

We will lose one of our past Presidents or First Lady this year after a prolonged illness. (Boy, that’s stepping out on a limb given the age of the Carters and first set of Bushes)

And from Judy Hevenly:

Pope Francis to appoint the first woman cardinal to the Vatican. (Not a chance)

Scotland breaks away from United Kingdom and becomes independent.

And Nikki, the “psychic to the stars.”

A giant sinkhole in Egypt. Trouble around the pyramids in Egypt; they may sink.

A flood in the London, England underground.

Power blackout worldwide.

Empire State Building tipping.

A shark will kill somebody at Coney Island, New York.

Partial collapse of the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.

All good to keep in mind for a year from now, when they almost all prove to be false. Not that their followers care, of course.

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