VA County Names Book Burning Extremist to Library Board

VA County Names Book Burning Extremist to Library Board January 13, 2014

Remember Loudon County, Virginia, where deranged bigot Eugene Delgaudio is on the board of supervisors? That board has now named a man nominated by Delgaudio to the board of trustees of the library there who has publicly ripped pages out of books in support of someone else burning books.

A Sterling man who once tore out pages of the Koran in front of the White House, and whose fierce rhetoric on Twitter included declaring “the only good progressive is a dead progressive,” has been approved by the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to sit on the county library’s board of trustees for the next four years.

The Loudoun supervisors last week confirmed Andrew Beacham, 31, a recently defeated candidate for Congress in Kentucky, to the library board. But several supervisors, including Eugene Delgaudio (R-Sterling) who nominated him, said they were unaware of Beacham’s colorful past…

Beacham, a freelance videographer and artist, said he moved to Sterling early last year, but he has been in this area many times in recent years. In 2009, after joining the Tea Party movement, Beacham stood and disrupted Obama’s speech at the University of Maryland, protested outside an Obama appearance at Wakefield High School in Arlington, and spoke at a press conference with Terry at the National Press Club. He worked closely as a video producer with Terry, the founder of Operation Rescue, for nearly four years. He also stood and disrupted Obama’s graduation speech at the University of Notre Dame that year, and disrupted the Senate confirmation hearing of then-Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor over his opposition to abortion.

On his website promoting his 2012 bid as an independent candidate for Congress in Kentucky, Beacham described himself as “a full-time Pro-Life missionary and activist for Christian policies in government, traveling to over 20 states to protest, lobby, and get pro-life candidates on the ballot.”

Yes, I’m sure Delgaudio was completely unaware of all of this. It’s a total coincidence that they agree on everything and are both bigoted jerks. And that they were 2 of 8 people participating in an anti-Obama protest a few years ago.

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