Texas BOE Candidate Wants ‘Straight Pride’

Texas BOE Candidate Wants ‘Straight Pride’ January 18, 2014

Lady Theresa Thombs, the candidate for the Texas Board of Education who seems to be distinguishing herself even among the far right candidates for that board full of wingnuts, posted on her Facebook about the importance of asserting “straight pride” to stop “political correctness.”


Oh for crying out loud. Who, precisely, is ashamed of being straight? And who thinks they should be? No one, of course. I’m straight and I’m not the least bit ashamed of it and can’t imagine why anyone possibly could be. But being unashamed of it is not the same thing as being proud of it. And as soon as straight people start being thrown out of their families, fired from their jobs, bullied in schools, denied equal rights and dehumanized just for being straight, then — and only then — will it make any sense to concern oneself with asserting “straight pride.” This is just another tool to beat gay people with and to claim persecution where there is none.

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