I Feel So Bad for White Supremacists

I Feel So Bad for White Supremacists January 19, 2014

This story will have you shedding a tear for those poor neo-Nazi white supremacists who flocked to North Dakota thinking they were creating a city just for them with none of those uppity black people around. The former grand wizard of the KKK said he tried to warn the guy who started it:

A former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard has lashed out at white supremacist leader Craig Cobb for aligning with “Hollywood-style Nazis” after residents in North Dakota defeated his plans to take over a small town there…

The residents of Leith are prepared to continue the fight against Cobb, but former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard Tom Metzger, who was given property in Cobbsville, told BBC that plans for the white supremacist enclave had failed.

“I warned him not to bring in the Hollywood-style Nazis, or everyone would go crazy,” Metzger said. “And that’s exactly what’s happened.”

What’s a “Hollywood-style Nazi”? No idea.

And even Cobb’s former roommates’ girlfriend, 33-year-old Deborah Henderson, expressed her unhappiness as she packed up to leave town.

“Now, we are just right back where we started from, but in a colder climate with no support,” Henderson said, crying. “Mr. Cobb had promised to get the house up to code by the time we came out and he didn’t do anything. And now we’re all paying for it.”

*sniff* It’s all just so damn sad. Won’t someone think of the Nazis?

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