Oh, Glenn Beck. You’re Such an Obvious Hypocrite.

Oh, Glenn Beck. You’re Such an Obvious Hypocrite. January 25, 2014

Right Wing Watch catches Glenn Beck in a bit of hypocrisy that is astonishingly blatant even for him. Gov. Cuomo of New York recently said that “extreme conservatives” have “no place in the state of New York.” That sent Beck off on a rant in which he said, “”if this is the way that America is going, then I renounce my citizenship…If this is what America is going to become, I don’t want to be an American any more.”

So according to Glenn Beck, banishing people from society for what they believe leads to Nazism. And to underscore that point, in the very next segment he interviewed John Hagee, who just a couple weeks ago said that atheists should leave the country.

In fact, Hagee has said this numerous times over the years. So Glenn Beck told Hagee that he’s leading the country to Nazism, right? Nope. He told his listeners to donate money to him. Some days it’s just too easy.

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  • Hank Fox

    If you say “I renounce my citizenship” … doesn’t that very announcement constitute renouncement?

    I know right-wingers will get special treatment no matter what, but I’ve wondered many times just how easy it would be for a liberal / war protester / etc. to get kicked out of the country for saying this.

  • Oh, please! Totally different things. When Cuomo said it he was dividing America. When Hagee says it over and over again he’s protecting America.

  • Infophile

    @1 Hank Fox: It’s a bit complicated. First of all, countries choose who their citizens are (with some limitations). Second of all, a person typically must have at least one citizenship (but some countries try to get around this).

    So, if you only have one citizenship, you can’t renounce it. If you have multiple, then you can renounce one, but usually it’s more involved than simply publicly saying so – you have to fill in the proper forms. Usually there won’t be any issues with this not being recognized, but there’s always a chance a state could choose not to do so if they felt it was in their interest somehow.

    But if you have multiple citizenships, it is indeed possible for a government to revoke your citizenship with them for any reason they please. For instance, China will revoke the Chinese citizenships of all adults who hold other citizenships. The UK will (quietly) revoke UK citizenship of anyone with another citizenship they suspect of terrorism. And there are plans to extend this to even citizens with only one citizenship, making them stateless with a stroke of a pen.)

  • He’ll have to pay the $450.00 and be interviewed several times over the course of a few days before he’s allowed to renounce his U.S. citizenship. It’s a pain in the ass to renounce.

    His main problem is that no sane country would let him in. He sure as hell couldn’t move to Canada.

  • raven

    I don’t want to be an American any more.”

    Technically, de facto, he hasn’t been an American in years.

    Glenn Beck lives on Planet Wingnuttia in Beckistan, a country with one citizen.

  • shouldbeworking

    Why I like Canada:

    ‘socialist’ medicine

    No 2nd amendment

    Two official languages

    No ‘in god we trust’ on our money

    Ted Cruz and Glenn Beck free

  • jnorris

    He told his listeners to donate money to him.

    Isn’t this Messrs Beck and Hagee’s only consistent message to their base?

  • grumpyoldfart

    When Beck organizes a collection for Hagee, do they sign a contract with the size of the kick-back made clear – or is it a gentleman’s agreement and Beck just takes his chances that he will get some cream off the top.

  • abear

    Should be working @6; Another 10 years of St. Stephen Harper and you won’t be so smug.

  • John Pieret

    I wonder if Beck is a hypocrite. That requires the intelligence and self-examination to realize you are making inconsistent arguments.

    There are other explanations, such as Beck is just monumentally stupid.

    True, he has made millions by making monumentally stupid statements but that doesn’t necessarily mean he knows he is making monumentally stupid statements, just that there are millions of monumentally stupid people out there that want to listen to monumentally stupid statements.

  • felidae

    Time for some self deportation, Glenn? I’d gladly chip in for a ticket for you to Somalia–one way of course– where you can have total freedom from government interference–because there is no government–to indulge your fantasies

  • abear “Should be working @6; Another 10 years of St. Stephen Harper and you won’t be so smug.”

    Wrong. Canadians will always be smug. It’s their national adjective.

  • lpetrich

    I’ve sometime considered the question of where US right-wingers would want to go if they wanted to move to another nation. It’s hard to think of any other place that would be culturally compatible with them. The best of a bad lot might be Australia, but even that’s stretching it.

  • busterggi

    Hasn’t Rick Perry said what Becks ‘hypothesised’ him saying repeatedly? Because I don’t recall Beck saying a word in disagreement.

  • @13:

    I would never dream to speak about Australia with authority (dingojack certainly may) but I think that they don’t actually like any useless wankers that aren’t homegrown. Besides they have Dame Edna and one histrionic drama queen is enough.