Meet the Wingnut Candidate: Greg Brannon

Meet the Wingnut Candidate: Greg Brannon January 28, 2014

The story of today’s Tea Party-fueled Republican party is that there is no longer a fringe. The fringe, the most extreme elements of the right wing, are now coming out of the woodwork and running for office (and they already have many House seats and even a few Senate seats). Greg Brannon, who is running for the Senate in North Carolina, is a perfect example. Before he was a Republican candidate he was president of a Tea Party group called Founder’s Truth. Buzzfeed dug up their now-defunct website and finds that it was a repository for some truly bizarre conspiracy theories. Like the Aurora shooting was a false flag operation to help steal all the guns:


And of course, Agenda 21:


And one of the old classics: Fluoride!


Brannon also recently said that food stamps were a form of slavery. It’s hard to imagine someone with views this extreme getting taken seriously by the Republican party until just the last few years. Now, there is no such thing as too extreme.

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  • oranje

    He jumps from high-speed rail to light rail and back again very quickly. Heck, I live in a relatively rural part of Michigan, and I’d love to have our old streetcar system back from a century ago. I’d barely ever bother to drive. But, you know, socialism or something.

  • doublereed

    I really wish the concept of an “externality” was more prominent in people’s psyches when they talk about costs.

  • DaveL

    Is is just me, or is an $18 million or $24 million infrastructure project kind of small potatoes for places like Sacramento or Portland? Around here that probably buys a one or two interstate overpasses.

    I love the agenda 21 lunacy. 22 years of plotting to reduce the human population by 85% and establish a worldwide communist government, and all we have to show for it are some bike paths, light rail, and electric buses.

  • D. C. Sessions

    ccI really wish the concept of an “externality” was more prominent in people’s psyches when they talk about costs.

    “Externalities” are something socialists made up to create an excuse for theGovernment to take away our freedom.

  • D. C. Sessions

    Blockquote fail — sorry. Hand surgery.

  • JohnnyAl

    His current views aren’t much better. Someone in my neighborhood posted about a meet-n-greet session with him which prompted me to check out his website ( He’s a pro-life OB/GYN and his position on just about every issue starts with “As a Christian…” I think I’ll pass. My irony meter took a hit when he quoted Article VI as his “Oath”.

  • Michael Heath

    In my neck of the woods my state representative sponsored a bill in MI state legislature against Agenda 21. It appears the motivation is to keep the conservative Christian sheep in line opposing mitigation from the climate change threat. He appears to be a true believer as well. He’s an ex-TV weatherman and yes, the negative stereotype about TV weathermen and climate change is unfortunately accurate in this case.

  • leonardschneider

    “The Batman Psyop” bit… Jeezus. With it’s paranoia against mental health, it reads like something straight out of the fuckin’ Scientology playbook.

    (Never mind that the mentally ill are infinitely more likely to commit acts of violence against… Themselves.)

  • Georgia Sam

    It’s the revival of the John Birch Society under a different name.

  • sh3baproject

    when you said nothing too extreme for the GOP,i tried to find something too extreme for them. had no luck.

  • sonwinks

    Job creation, pollution mitigation and alleviating traffic congestion….. Wow how socialist…..and obviously that is really really bad!!! *rolls eyes!

  • had3

    Our precious bodily fluids…where have I heard that before?

  • lorn

    There is an entire sub-culture of paranoid fantasy obscured by the broad language of rights, freedoms, security, and “others” coming to do you harm. Of prickly defensiveness and deep weakness relabeled as preparedness and planning for the worse. Where “threats” are everywhere.


    Note the tone and unspoken assumptions about how “they” will come , “it” will happen, and the implied “we” will prosper in the face of adversity that will include a whole lot of “us” shooting a whole lot of “them”.

    Follow the links deeper into the dark where the obscuring language gets thinner and the things that threaten are more clearly named. The “golden horde” has a face and it is brown, and urban, and it scares them to the point that every one of ‘us’ needs multiple weapons because ‘rearming is faster than reloading’ and you can never have to much ammunition.

    A mental illness that manifests itself in the implausible fantasy of creating a safe place within America; the American Redoubt. Of course anyone familiar with history will recognize the parallels to the German version; the National Redoubt. Both having their conceptual origins in fatalism, end times, racial purity, and fear of the others.

    Scan Survivalblog once a week for a few months to get a feel for seductive language of being an insider and both “aware and prepared”. The barely veiled racism and busy work that keep the mind from feeling the fear, and the truth, of just how useless the guns and plans really are when the reality you fear, but will never face, is that the world no longer needs you or your kind. Of course who needs to face reality when you can occupy yourself with scary ghost stories about social breakdown, fiat money causing collapse, or black helicopters coming for your guns: none of which are really going to manifest themselves.

    Visit often and read the comments. It is a revealing but scary view into the paranoid mindset where you prepare for what does not threaten you because you cannot face what does.

  • What NONE of these endtimermoronz seem to understand is that the gummint that they’re railing against so defiantly doesn’t have to see their communities with spies and clandestine recording devices to catch them or discover where they’re hidin’ their arsenals.

    They fucking BRAG about it, online, to all of their BFF’s and other Ethernet homies.

    Dear Mr. Brannon:

    Might I suggest a note to self:

    “Dear self:

    Do NOT post Master Plan for World Dominion (MA-1A rev. 7/Z (T44 Turboalgorhythmnessosity) on the fucking INTERTOOBZ! And don’t do it, STAT!!”

  • freehand

    I expect things to get bad from the consequences of various unsustainable process supporting our current civilization. The group I worry about the most are the well-armed, paranoid survivalists with bizarre, nonscientific notions of how things work.

  • caseloweraz

    From the Founder’s Truth Web site: It’s about inventing a pressing need for controlling mental illness before it manifests as violence.

    Is there no depravity to which these Agenda 21 socialistic miscreants will not sink? Increasing health care… Alleviating poverty… and now preventing violence!


  • caseloweraz

    BTW: I spend a fair amount of time in libraries, and a few days ago I noticed on the new-book shelf one titled “Emily Gets her Gun …but Obama Wants To Take Yours.”

    No prettified pistol for this lady: She chose a Sig Sauer P229.

    I only had time to read a little of it, but it appears to be about the burdensome process of getting a gun permit in Washington, DC — and here Emily Miller might have a point. (She’s senior editor for the Washington Times.) I hope to be able to finish reading it at some future time.

    The book is published by (as you probably guessed) Regnery.