Tapley Predicts Super Bowl False Flag Operation

Tapley Predicts Super Bowl False Flag Operation January 29, 2014

William Tapley, the warped prophecy reader I’ve shown videos of before, has decided based on a commercial for the iPad that there’s going to be a “false flag” event at the Super Bowl. It’s a bizarre, rambling diatribe about an image he claims is a woman giving birth to the Antichrist. It’s just a sunrise, actually. I think this guy is on acid.

"Individual rights apply to people. Women and minorities were not originally considered people."

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  • Hairy Chris, blah blah blah etc

    No singing? Boooo!

  • marcus

    Actually he would be better off if he was tripping on acid. That would be something that he might recover from.

  • lofgren

    As I get older, I find that this kind of absurdity makes me less angry about the idiocy that surrounds me and more angry that I was raised to feel bad about fleecing idiots, because otherwise I would be rich.

  • Richard Smith

    Of course, his exposure of this dastardly plot will absolutely guarantee that it will be called off, so he’ll be able to claim victory when, to nobody’s surprise, nothing untoward happens.

    1. Make irrational claim of unlikely, “preventable” event.

    2. Nothing happens.

    3. Prophet!

  • No One

    I am amazed at the resilience of the human specimen. Such a glaring “software malfunction” and it still manages to feed itself and procreate.

  • doublereed

    Jesus gets you way higher than acid.

  • Ah ha! I knew Obama and Bane were in cahoots!

  • I can’t help but wonder how many of those subscriber comments he read were just people trolling to see just how far he’d run with it.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    False flag? Is that similar to the ‘statue of liberty’ play?

  • jnorris

    So Jamie Savage and Adam Hyneman from Mythbusters are going to drop a Star Wars nuclear bomb on the Super Bowl using a Geisha girl/Butterfly drone, to celebrate the birth of the Anti-Christ, right?

    All this because this is the 4-4-4 Super Bowl and 4-4-4 is Pres Obama’s magic number and we have to pray for him otherwise 11-11-11 or 2-2-2.

    Naturally a super secret sophisticated plot of this magnitude, requiring critical stopwatch perfect timing, can only be communicated to the minions by code in an iPad commercial.

    I plan to watch the Super Bowl this year, sorry cute puppies at the other bowl game. And I’ll be waiting for Ol’ Third Eagle for his Monday morning quarterbacking about how God was on the Injured/Disabled list.

  • marcus

    “Naturally a super secret sophisticated plot of this magnitude, requiring critical stopwatch perfect timing…”

    Jamie Savage and Adam Hyneman, eh? Well, they certainly picked the right people for the job!

  • alanb


    Thanks a lot for posting this. I had missed my Illuminati instructions and didn’t realize that they were coming by way of an iPad commercial. Now I’m all good to go.

  • John Pieret

    I think this guy is on acid.

    “The warning that I’ve received, you may take it with however many grains of salt you wish, is that the brown acid that is circulating around us is not specifically too good. It’s suggested that you do stay away from that. Of course, it’s your own trip, so be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, OK”?

  • There have been hundreds of “false flags” in the NFL this year. But refs, linemen and judges–just like MLB umps are resistant to admitting their errors so momentum killing errors are gonna happ–, what? Billy “Tapped out” Tapley is talking about something else? (democommie READS OP). Oh, I see, wotta fuckin’ maroon!