Delgaudio Still Needs Your Money

Delgaudio Still Needs Your Money February 3, 2014

In 31 days of January, according to JoeMyGod (who is on the mailing list), Eugene Delgaudio has sent out a total of 18 fundraising emails and he has the text of his latest one. Did you know that the gay agenda is trying to destroy Delgaudio? Oh, it’s true. Here’s his most recent persecution story:

“Dear Joe, The Homosexual Lobby and their allies in the media have unleashed an attack on my livelihood as a humble public servant. Several newspapers — including the Washington Post — have published articles that dredge up the anti-Family Southern Poverty Law Center’s dishonest mislabeling of Public Advocate as a ‘hate group.’ They want to silence me. And they want to silence the nationwide grassroots network of pro-Family activists that you and I have worked so hard to build over the years. Just like they tried to silence popular television personality Phil Robertson when he made strong comments defending his Christian views on traditional marriage. Please chip in $10 or $20 or even $35 to help Public Advocate stand strong against the Homosexual Lobby. I must admit that sometimes these personal attacks get to me. But when I hear from Public Advocate supporters like you it gives me the courage to redouble my resolve.”

Translation: When you send me money, it makes me realize that you’re a sucker and that prompts me to ask you for even more several times a week with the same fake tales of persecution. As Joe notes, Delgaudio made more than $200,000 last year between this scam and his job as a Loudon County Supervisor. I could use some of that persecution.

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