Dave Agema Hates Gays to Protect America

Dave Agema Hates Gays to Protect America February 5, 2014

Dave Agema, one of the Michigan’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee and a man who would need a promotion to get to be an idiot, says that he only hates gay people and works every day to violate their equal rights in order to protect America.

Agema insisted that his anti-gay stance has nothing to do with animus towards gay people, he just believes that gay rights will doom America.

The former Michigan state legislator said on The Renegade River Show that gay rights weaken the family “and when you start destroying the family unit in a nation, the nation starts to crumble from within.”

“Look at the Greek empire, look at the Roman empire,” Agema continued. “Basically, I am trying to protect America.”

He also maintained that schools are “teaching the homosexual lifestyle, how to be a homosexual in some sort of class that they’re teaching that we’re paying for,” and argued that gay marriage had major repercussions in Denmark, Netherlands and Switzerland (a country that has not legalized gay marriage).

“I don’t hate gay people, I just think they’re trying to destroy America like they destroyed every other civilization.” Totally credible, Dave.

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