Worldnetdaily Reviews the Ham-Nye Debate

Worldnetdaily Reviews the Ham-Nye Debate February 11, 2014

The Worldnetdaily had some guy named Tom Flannery write a review of the debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham and the results are pretty much exactly what you’d expect. He repeats a bunch of falsehoods from Ham and adds a few new ones, all of them debunked long ago.

Another ruse Ham exposed was how evolutionary scientists use the very word “science” whether they’re talking about observational science (what can be observed, tested, falsified) or historical science (what occurred in the ancient or distant past and cannot be seen or tested).

The only thing Ham exposed was his own ignorance and dishonesty with that ridiculous argument.

Ham delineated numerous other ways the world in which we live corroborates the biblical model used by creationists rather than the evolutionary one used by naturalists. He noted that only about a century ago, it was being postulated that based upon Darwin’s ideas there were as many as five separate races of human beings, with Caucasians being the superior one (whereas the Bible clearly teaches only one race since we are all descended from Adam and Eve).

So. Much. Irony. Like the fact that Ham is also the name of the son of Noah who was, according to the Bible, cursed (actually it was his son Canaan, but due to something Ham supposedly did). For centuries, many, perhaps most, Christians subscribed to the idea that the descendants of Ham and Canaan were cursed by God to be slaves. This was used to justify racism and slavery throughout the Christian world, including in this country (and in the Jewish world before that, to justify the murder and conquering of the Canaanites in the Bible). Indeed, this notion that all black people are descended from Ham is taught in Ken Ham’s creation museum. It’s been widely taught by young earth creationists for decades.

Nye tried to distance such thinking about multiple superior and inferior races from Darwin by scoffing that this absurd belief was held only by a select group of white European males who wanted to see themselves as better than “lower races.” Unfortunately for Nye, though, all we have to do is look at the subtitle of Darwin’s “The Origin of Species” to see just how wrong he is on this point. The subtitle is: “The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.” Sorry, Bill.

Ah, that old bit of ignorance. Darwin used the term “races” to mean “species.” Does Flannery think that Darwin believed that finches and tortoises had “races” in the modern sense? There are only two kinds of people who make this claim, those who are ignorant and those who are lying.

Darwin acknowledged early on that, in order for his theory to be proven true, archaeologists and scientists would have to find an abundance of intermediate or transitionary forms throughout the world showing one species evolving into another all the way up the evolutionary chain. The lack of these forms is the so-called “missing link,” although it might be better described as a “worldwide absence of missing links.” They simply don’t exist, and the relatively few “big discoveries” have eventually been reclassified or exposed as hoaxes.

Again, this is a claim that can be made only by those who are ignorant and repeating creationist talking points or by liars. I neither know nor care which applies to Flannery.

What we find instead, Ham related, are variations within given species – once again confirming the biblical account (in this case, that God created every animal form “after its own kind,” and they cannot cross over).This is why we don’t see evolution taking place today.

Flannery can’t even repeat his talking points correctly. Today’s more “sophisticated” young earth creationists accept that speciation takes place, they try to place the limit of “kinds” above that taxonomic level…well, somewhere. They’ve never figured out where the limits of evolution are.

It’s no wonder that later in his life Darwin dismissed his theories about molecules-to-man evolution as “the unformed ideas of my youth.”

No he didn’t, for crying out loud. This is just a ridiculous lie, like that infamous deathbed conversion that never took place.

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