Youseff: Christians Are So Persecuted!

Youseff: Christians Are So Persecuted! February 14, 2014

Evangelist Michael Youseff takes to the pages of Charisma News to declare that American Christians are being terribly persecuted. Not as bad as Christians in Muslim countries, who often face real oppression, but still bad enough. Why? Because they’re criticized.

If you mean persecution only applies to those who are beheaded with a dull-edged sword, as Islamists do to Christians in Syria, then again, no.

If you mean it is only about crucifying people alive, as Islamists do to Christians in Pakistan and elsewhere, then that doesn’t apply either.

The subtler persecution of Christians in America, which began mildly, with the media mocking Jimmy Carter’s “born again” claim, has escalated rapidly in the last five years.

If Christians in a social gathering or on the Piers Morgan show say they believe Jesus is the only Savior and Lord, they will incite the most venomous verbal attack. If Christians speak out against Islamism or the celebration of homosexuality, they will be attacked with labels such as “Islamophobe” or “homophobe”—words manufactured by two groups that would normally hate each other but join forces for the purpose of eliminating the true Christian point of view.

Our nation once rejoiced to send loving Christian missionaries to alleviate suffering and bring the Good News of the gospel to a world filled with darkness and unbelief. Now our leaders refuse to condemn the genocide taking place against Christians around the world while condemning nations for enacting moral laws against the act of homosexuality.

Let’s unpack the lies and stupidity here. First of all, the State Department has condemned the persecution of Christians around the world repeatedly. So has the US Commission on International Religious Freedom. In fact, one member of that commission just testified in front of a House committee suggesting that we use sanctions against nations that persecute Christians. But pretending otherwise fits Youseff’s narrative, so he’ll just stick with that dishonest claim.

Second, if you don’t want to be called homophobic, you shouldn’t be supporting laws abroad and in this country that persecute and discriminate against gay people. And you shouldn’t claim that they’re trying to destroy the country by demanding equal rights. And you shouldn’t compare them to pedophiles, and a hundred other things you routinely say. When you stop saying things like that, we’ll stop “persecuting” you by calling you bigots. Deal?

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