Newt’s Mailing List Pushes Scams

Newt’s Mailing List Pushes Scams February 18, 2014

Add Newt Gingrich to the long list of conservatives who use their mailing list to make big money by selling access to it to hucksters, conspiracy mongers and cranks of all types. Media Matters has a list of some of the recent emails he’s sent out to his followers:

“American Doctor Releases Cancer Cure Before Government Spies Find it.” An August 29, 2013, email from Health Revelations claims that “cancer was cured back in 1925,” and “the annual flu shot is nothing more than a BALD-FACED SCAM.” The email takes readers to a page claiming that “Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s” have been “DEFEATED” but suggests the government is covering up such cures.

“The Illuminati [Secret Society] Puts a Deathgrip on America.” A December 31, 2013, Wall Street Daily email claims that the “Illuminati was behind every consequential wealth event of the past year” including bitcoin. The Illuminati is a frequent player in conspiracy theories.

“Obama’s ‘Secret Mistress’ Exposed.” A December 12, 2013, email from Laissez Faire Club claims that “President Obama has made painstaking efforts to keep his ‘secret mistress’ hidden from the American public, and he has succeeded brilliantly… until now.”

“WhistleBlower: 7 Deadly Drugs the Government Wants You to Swallow.” The Health Sciences Institute claimed in a November 19, 2013, email that an “insider near Washington D.C. has just blown the lid off the 7 Deadly Drugs the U.S. Government can’t wait for you to swallow.” The email assured Gingrich readers that it’s not a conspiracy theory since the “whistleblower has concrete evidence ‘the powers that be’ are shoving pure poison down your throat… and laughing all the way to the bank.”

“Weird Trick Adds $1,000 to Social Security Checks . . .” A September 12, 2013, Newsmax Media email claimed that they’ve “stumbled upon this weird trick that can add $1,000 to monthly Social Security checks.” (For more on this email claim, see here.)

“Fort Knox is Empty (the Gold’s Missing…).” An August 20, 2013, Wall Street Daily email claimed, “Whispers are swirling around Capitol Hill that Fort Knox is empty” and “the U.S. government has been shipping gold to nations like China (as collateral for a weak dollar).”  

“New Scandal in the White House?” A cryptic July 11, 2013, Stansberry & Associates email claimed that there’s a “big new scandal brewing in the White House” and “when this scandal is ultimately exposed, it’s going to have major implications not only for Barack Obama, but also for our entire country.”

The inclusion of emails from Porter Stansberry, a con man who has been fined $1.5 million by the SEC for committing “deliberate fraud,” are especially interesting because in Nov. 2012 a Gingrich spokesman said that they would no longer work with him:

Gingrich’s team previously claimed to distance the former speaker from Stansberry after questions surfaced about a sponsored email suggesting Obama would win a third term. ABC News reported in November 2012 that “according to Gingrich spokesman R.C. Hammond, Stansberry & Associates should have been on the blacklist. ‘We do not rent to the entity in question,’ Hammond said, speaking by phone Thursday. ‘In fact, we go to lengths to vet where we rent.'”

MMFA reports that Gingrich has sent out at least 15 sponsored emails from Stansberry in just the last 8 months. They go to great lengths to vet those they rent the list to. And by great lengths, I mean they make sure the check clears.

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  • noastronomer

    Sadly my father-in-law is on many of these mail lists. Which means that, indirectly, I am too.


  • I’m thinking that Newt’s not as far removed from the action as renting out any lists.

  • dugglebogey

    Unlike you, I’d like to find the person who put my email on Ann Coulter’s scam list and skin them alive.

  • dhall

    A few of those also appear as ads along the right side of the att/yahoo home page. The scandal threatening to destroy Obama, Michelle, the government, etc., has been showing up there for quite awhile, along with many ads promising to reveal a secret way to lower car insurance, “fake a facelift” (whatever that means), find out the secret weight loss fruit “big pharma” doesn’t want you to know about, etc. My favorites are the ones that say some version of: ‘Scientists furious at housewife for discovering secret anti-aging trick anyone can try.’ Nothing about Nigerian princes yet though. Weird how obvious the scams are and yet how many people fall for them.

  • tbp1

    I actually heard Michael Medved complaining about this (conservatives scamming other conservatives and giving the “movement” a bad name) today, although he didn’t mention Newt Gingrich by name. I was astonished. Can he possibly have some tiny shred of ethics and morality?

  • raven

    …complaining about this (conservatives scamming other conservatives

    1. Why is this a problem? That scammed money does go back into the economy. Makers of high end goods need to eat too. It’s better than using it to try and destroy the USA.

    2. There were claims that while the GOP raised lots of money during the last presidential election, that much of that money was siphoned off by various marketing consultants, political operatives, and so on.

    I don’t have a problem with that either. The more wingnut welfare, the better.

  • raven

    Fundie xianity is a package deal, bundled with a variety of weird and contrafactual beliefs.

    Part of the package does seem to be an endless series of affinity group scams. Penny stock scams, stock market scams, gold scams, doomsday prepper scams, alt med scams, prosperity gospel scams, xian education scams, and who knows how many other ones.

    I suppose if you aren’t educated, are gullible, and think reality testing is for liberals and atheists, it has to happen.

    PS I’m sure the New Agers have their share as well. And for the same reasons.

  • tubi

    “Obama’s ‘Secret Mistress’ Exposed.”

    I thought he had a not-so-secret “mister.”

    Or is that a different steaming pile of horseshit?

  • Newt must be getting lazy. He used to run the scams, like his phony awards scam, himself. Now he’s just contracting them out.

  • julial

    Religion and some political affinities bear a similarity to the Nigerian 419 (Prince needs to get money out of the country) scams in their propagation. The wierder and more obviously wrong the claim, the better it serves to qualify the mark who responds as gullible. It’s sad that the susceptible people of whom it takes advantage are unable to resist. They can’t see it coming because they’re blind. It’s like watching a snake swallow mouse; nature in action, but my empathy nodes hurt.

  • Why would anyone be surprised by this. The Republican party itself is a scam.

    The Republican party exists to meet the needs of the rich. There are not enough rich to win elections so they have to scam the masses. So they created Faux News, the Heritage Foundation, the CATO institute, the AEI and numerous other think tanks and organizations that exist not to find the truth and pass it along, but to spin any and everything to win elections.

    Indeed, on most of the issues that are central to the Republican party I’d suggest the Republican leadership cares not one iota.

    Gay marriage? they know how to manipulate contract law so couples get get most of what marriage gives them.

    Abortion? they just fly to Europe like they did before RvW.

    Gun control? they live in gated communities.

    Prayer in schools? They go to private schools.

    Climate change? They will always afford the higher ground.

    Pollution? They will always live far from the pollution.

    On all these issues they make a big deal about the issue in order to scam the public to manipulate elections. So why would Newt, Beck, Limbaugh, Sarah, Sean or any of the others do anything different. If it works for the RNC it can work for themselves.

  • mikeyb

    Since when has Newt ever not been a scam artist. Recall just recently, in the last campaign he was making up followers on his fake twitter followers. Recall leading the charge to impeach Clinton when he was carrying out his own extramarital affair at the same time. Now, he’s doing a 180 calling Kerry delusional for talking about Climate Change, something he agreed is happening and agreed we need to do something about until it became too politically correct to acknowledge. Newt’s been a phony and a scam from the beginning, but in that he’s only a middle of the road right winger.

  • Promoting scams for profit, brought to you by the same people who use songs in political campaigns without permission and without payment of royalties to the artists.

    When types like Gingrich, Cruz Paul and others talk about “free market capitalism”, free means “free from responsibilities”. Rules are for other people.

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    @12. mikeyb :

    Now, he’s doing a 180 calling Kerry delusional for talking about Climate Change, something he agreed is happening and agreed we need to do something about until it became too politically correct to acknowledge.

    Yes – and the way he dumped and turned on climatologist and among other things Christian Katherine Heyhoe was appalling – see :