Stansberry Defends His Bigoted Slurs

Stansberry Defends His Bigoted Slurs February 18, 2014

This is actually a few months old but I totally missed it at the time. Remember Porter Stansberry, the right-wing con man who sends emails to wingnuts selling his fraudulent financial advice? Turns out he likes using bigoted slurs too and thinks it’s “fucking bullshit” that anyone would criticize him for it. Because — of course — he has lots of gay and black friends!

In addition to using the conservative media to promote his apocalyptic anti-Obama financial messages, Stansberry writes a column for WND, and hosts his own online radio program. On a recent edition of the program’s “premium” “black label show,” which was brought to Media Matters’ attention by an unhappy Stansberry subscriber, Stansberry discussed race, sexual orientation, and slurs in society.

Stansberry began the April 30 discussion by saying some people have a problem with him using the anti-gay slur “fag” and “that’s so ridiculous because I’m friends with lots of gay people and they have no problem with the word ‘fag.’ But it’s probably like if you’re a black person, then you’re allowed to say the word ‘nigger.’ But if you’re not a black person [you can’t] … that is a bunch of fucking bullshit.”

Stansberry explained that “you can totally tell when someone is using the word ‘fag,’ in terms of hate, and you can totally tell when someone is using the word ‘nigger,’ in terms of joy or friendship.”

As an example, Stansberry said he grew up with an “Asian kid” whose “nickname was nigger,” and “everyone called him nigger … It was hysterical … I still call him nigger to this day.”

Gosh, I’ve never heard that excuse before.

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