Trans Legislator Arrested at Sochi Olympics

Trans Legislator Arrested at Sochi Olympics February 19, 2014

The first openly trans legislator in Europe was arrested at the Sochi Olympics for holding a banner that said, in Russian, “Gay is OK.” Because they have to protect the children, dontchaknow. This is what the Russian law censors as “gay propaganda.”

A prominent Italian gay rights campaigner and former MP has been arrested in Sochi while watching the Winter Olympics with a banner reading “Gay Is Ok” in Russian, two activists have said.

Vladimir Luxuria, a television personality and actor who became Europe’s first openly transgender parliamentarian when she was elected to the Italian chamber of deputies, reportedly called the heads of two gay rights organisations in Rome to say she had been detained on Sunday by Russian police.

“She was arrested by the police at Sochi while she was watching the Olympics with a banner which read, in Russian, ‘Gay is ok’,” Imma Battaglia, honorary president of the Di’Gay Project, told

Let’s remember all of the Christian right groups in America who have defended and cheered on this law. They would not propose such a law in the United States because they know it would never pass and would be instantly struck down if it did, but they gleefully applaud it when other countries do it (as they have laws in Uganda and Nigeria, which are far more barbaric than this one). They know they can’t get away with advocating such totalitarian laws in the US, so they’ve focused their attention abroad. Speaks volumes, I think.

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