Agema Keeps On Digging

Agema Keeps On Digging February 21, 2014

Dave Agema, one of Michigan’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee, might be called embattled. He consistently says bizarre and inflammatory things, leading most of his GOP colleagues to tell him it’s time to resign, but he’s just digging his heels in further. He recently addressed the American Decency Association — really just a PO Box and a handful of cranks — and blamed it all on the devil.

In his speech, he said the RNC informed him it would direct funding away from him and blamed calls for his resignation on the Devil.

“I got that right from [RNC Chairman] Reince Priebus’ mouth. That’s what happened to him. They threatened to take several hundred thousand dollars out of the RNC unless they came out against me,” Agema said. “The rich and powerful, you know, when people came here [before the American Revolution, they] were the only ones who could speak freely, it’s coming to that again. So that’s what happened. I just think it’s amazing. We got Benghazi. We got NSA. We got the IRS. We got all these things. This is the Devil’s way — this is the Democrats’ way — to split the party.”

Priebus asked Agema to step down from his post last month “for the good of the party.” Agema said he had erred in judgment in the way he had addressed his opposition to homosexuality, according to MLive, but said he would not step down.

In his speech to the American Decency Association, Agema said free speech was at risk, mentioning how he had gotten “slammed” after making offensive comments about the LGBT community and Muslims.

“Homosexuals, the LGBT groups, have war rooms, literally war rooms, when they see anybody try to fight against their lifestyle,” he said.

War rooms? Literal war rooms? I have no idea what he’s talking about, which is appropriate since he doesn’t either.

Folks, I don’t hate anybody. I do not hate homosexuals. I do not hate Muslims. But if you’re going to come here as a Muslim, you’ll live under our laws, not Sharia law. And if you’re a homosexual, if I really care for you, and I made this example when I was on the radio one day, and they made this a big issue. I said, let me give you an example: If I have my neighbor, and he’s a good friend if mine, and he’s dying of alcoholism, and I know he’s dying, and I can help him, if I really care for the guy, I try to do something about it, not just let him die. The same way with the homosexual lifestyle. So when I said that suddenly they said Dave Agema compares homosexuality to alcoholism. That’s not what I was doing I was trying to show an example if you really care for somebody.

They said you were comparing homosexuality to alcoholism because you did. And now you’ve done it for the second time. Because you’re a bigot. And the fact that you’re so bigoted and extreme that even your fellow Republicans want you out should really tell you something.

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