Another Bigot Plays Pretend

Another Bigot Plays Pretend February 24, 2014

I’ve been quite amused by the opponents of marriage equality trying so hard to pretend that they’re not losing that fight. Tony Perkins, who likes to play pretend on this issue (how else to keep the money flowing in?) interviewed Jonathan Saenz of Texas Values on his radio show as Saenz feigned ignorance of the obvious:

There is this notion that things have changed so much, there’s all this momentum from the media suggesting that people’s views have changed on homosexual marriage. But we’re not seeing that at the polls. All of these victories so to speak that have happened for their side, some short-lived, have been a federal judge who is unelected or the Obama administration or some of the AGs refusing to enforce their own laws and constitution. I haven’t really seen evidence of a major change.

Really? You didn’t see the fact that you lost in all four of the states that had the issue on their ballots in 2012? You haven’t seen the polls that show a majority of Americans now support marriage equality by about a 55-40% margin? Or the polls showing that those under 30 years old support marriage equality by a better than 4-1 margin? You’re losing. You’ve already lost. It’s all just mopping up now. The bigots lost, like they’ve lost every other battle over the last couple hundred years.

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