Robison Dreams of Impending Persecution

Robison Dreams of Impending Persecution February 25, 2014

I’m beginning to think that the constant cries of persecution from the Christian right are not merely absurd and dishonest but they almost reflect wishful thinking. I think there’s a sense in which they may actually want to be persecuted because it will confirm their dystopic fantasies. Televangelist James Robison gives yet another variation on this tired refrain, first quoting this weird statement from his friend Dudley Hall:

When we normalize all behavior under the agenda of freedom of choice, we are preparing for war (James 4:1-6). Unbridled desire inevitably produces quarrels and wars. Mankind will oppress others to gain an advantage. We will use others and prostitute every good thing we have been given. We will work for money, worship ourselves, boast in our achievements, and manipulate all governmental structures for our own advantage. The oppressed will rise up, and there will be war. It is the judgment on a society that begins to define itself by its desires.

Wha? Most of the oppressing has been done by those who think just like Dudley Hall, not only against gay people but against virtually everyone else throughout history as well. Robison then continues with his own thoughts:

To be honest with you as a reader, if we do not have a supernatural spiritual awakening within the church where Christians begin to witness in the power of unconditional love, all manner of evil is going to be spewed out on our nation. Those who really know and love God will become the most persecuted people on the planet. The stage is set for this.

The most persecuted people on the planet! How does anyone take such nonsense seriously?

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