Fischer: Only Accept Christian Refugees

Fischer: Only Accept Christian Refugees February 28, 2014

Bryan Fischer is quite upset that we are accepting a few hundred refugees from war-torn Syria into the country because, true to his deep-seated bigotry against everyone who isn’t just like him, he thinks that only Christians should be allowed into the country.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    Next up: who are True Christians? We obviously need an official agency to inquire into that.

  • AsqJames

    A radio host said that? Big deal. We had a political party leader say the same thing 2 months ago.

    Admittedly it’s only the leader of UKIP (who have a grand total of zero MPs), but he still gets treated as a major player by all the mainstream news organisations. Tell me again how us Brits are so much more secular and progressive than those stupid christo-fascist yanks 🙁

  • Scr… Archivist

    Since ten percent of Syrians are Christians, maybe some of those refugees are as well.

    But following on D.C. Sessions’ comment above, Syrian Christians might not be considered the “right kind” by Fischer.

  • I don’t think we should accept any of those damned foreign refugees.


  • Alverant

    Just how much is religion a factor in things like accepting refugees, political asylum, immigration, etc in the US? I know it’s a factor in getting paroled if you’re in prison (sadly) but what about on a national level?

  • mikeyb

    Yes, should we let them in if they fail to affirm the inerrancy of scripture or the fact that women must submit to the sovereign lordship of men in the household?

  • matty1

    On the contrary it is Fisher who is not the right sort of Christian. The true interpretation is known only to the select few and his name is listed as one of those not to be allowed. See how easy it is when you can make this shit up?

  • alanb

    These Muslim Syrians are not assimilating. They congregate with ethnic and religious groups in certain sections of the cities or states, so they have no interest in assimilating in the larger American culture.

    What??? They’ve been here for months and still haven’t assimilated? I’m sure that all the Christian Muslim Syrians speak fluent English, live in the Italian section of town and don’t congregate with any religious groups. Uh… skip that last part. They’re Christian so they’re allowed to congregate with others of the One True Religion.

  • alanb

    Christian Syrians, not Christian Muslim Syrians, whatever they hell they are.

  • Alverant
  • busterggi

    Yes, if only the First Peoples had allowed only followers of their religion to enter North America…

  • frankb

    AsqJames #2

    Admittedly it’s only the leader of UKIP (who have a grand total of zero MPs)

    Well, the UKIP is about to make a great comeback any day now.

    I suppose that us Yank’s can take comfort in the fact that loonies are in GB too, but it is still sad.

  • Moggie

    D. C. Sessions:

    Next up: who are True Christians? We obviously need an official agency to inquire into that.

    Nobody would expect that!

  • matty1

    Unfortunately UKIP do better than might be expected in European elections and do apparently have nine MEP’s. Which is beautifully ironic when you think about it.

  • zero6ix

    Of course the refugees aren’t assimilating, you rancid-brained offal shoveler. THEY’RE REFUGEES. They don’t want to be Americans, you flag-eating dunce. They want to be Syrians in Syria. But since hanging out in that particular neighborhood carries a high chance of death, they have to hang out here.

  • Good christians like jesus, ya mean?

  • theguy

    So no Jewish refugees? Somebody ask the SOB why he’s such an anti-Semite.

  • gopiballava

    They’re not assimilating? And, Christians would? Huh. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I saw various Christians churches with signs in lots of un-American scripts. Korean, Chinese, Farsi, probably others that I don’t remember. I wonder how he feels about this kind of non-assimilation?