OMG! Obama is Disarming America!

OMG! Obama is Disarming America! February 28, 2014

I am alternately amused and appalled by the hysterical overreaction from the right to the Obama administration’s proposed Pentagon budget cuts that aren’t really cuts at all. The Worldnetdaily wants you to know that Obama is “unilaterally disarming” the country.

The Obama administration is proposing the biggest cuts to the military in generations, citing an end to the war in Afghanistan and the impact of sequestration, but critics allege the president and Pentagon officials are engaging in a deliberate and dangerous hollowing out of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney also said the cuts will further erode already poor military readiness and signal the world that the U.S. will be in no position to defend national security threats on the scale it has in years past…

“There’s no question that this administration has us on a path of unilateral disarmament,” McInerney said. “[Let’s] not confuse ourselves. He’s got us on a path of disarmament…

“This was the administration’s plan all along,” he said. “They’re the ones that came up with sequestration. Everybody on the Hill thought people are reasonable and won’t let this happen. The fact is, it was (Senate Majority Leader) Harry Reid’s intent to let it happen. It was clear the Democratic Party was not going to negotiate with the Republicans. So they drove it into sequestration, and they are very happy about sequestration. That’s why the Defense budget is taking the bulk of the cuts.”

On Planet Wingnuttia, spending $522 billion a year on “defense,” which is more than three times as much as Russia and China put together, is “unilateral disarmament.” They have nothing to sell but fear itself.

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