Another BarbWire Columnist Loses It

Another BarbWire Columnist Loses It March 21, 2014

Another columnist for Matt Barber’s new site BarbWire, Gina Miller, has penned an enraged, incoherent diatribe about gay fascists destroying St. Patrick’s Day, the county, the world, the entire universe. Some of this is pretty funny, including the part where she says God is behind Obama’s pro-gay crusade.

Many of us are watching the dark clouds of evil that are rolling across America, and we are saying it’s the Lord’s judgment on a nation that has spit in His holy face by using the force of law to expel all vestiges of Him and His Truth from the public square. I firmly believe this is true. I also believe that the rapid, head-spinning empowerment of the radical homosexual movement under Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) is part of God’s judgment on this nation. Obama himself is part of God’s judgment. Many times in the Old Testament, we have seen the Lord inspire the enemies of Israel to come against it and defeat it when it turned from the Lord. He has installed wicked rulers to impose brutal tyranny on unrepentant people and nations.

So it’s God’s will? Shouldn’t you stop complaining, then? How can you criticize Obama and simultaneously say that he’s just doing God’s will? This conversation is brought to you by the words “cognitive” and “dissonance.” And boy, brutal tyranny just ain’t what it used to be, is it? I mean, the Christians, they knew how to impose a brutal tyranny. Slavery, genocide, inquisitions, witch hunts. That’s brutal tyranny. A baker having to bake a cake for a gay couple? A minor inconvenience at the most.

This is chilling to the bone. The Lord will not forever contend with a wayward people. While He is very patient, His patience has its limit. To think that America may have reached the end of God’s patience for it is deeply scary. I know that the only thing that might earn America a reprieve from the Lord to stop the inevitable tyranny that is barreling toward us is a massive change of heart by the American people, a sharp turning back toward the Lord in humble repentance and obedience to His Word.

Yes, yes, we know. Hank is going to kick our ass unless we do what he says. Heard it a thousand times, still isn’t remotely scary.

No, it’s not at all the kind of law of America’s foundation. It is a strange law, but not a new one. It’s ancient and has its roots in Hell. The Godless human minions of Satan are aggressively working to use the force of law to mandate perversity all across our land, in all our institutions, government, military and corporations.

Incidentally, Godless Minions of Satan is the name of my Stryper cover band.

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