Absurd ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Threatens a Lawsuit

Absurd ‘Ex-Gay’ Therapist Threatens a Lawsuit March 24, 2014

Remember Jerry Mungadze, the ridiculous “ex-gay” therapist who thinks he can diagnose who is gay and who is not by what color crayons they use? A British TV show host recently went undercover for an appointment with Mundagze, with predictably absurd results.

Gawker has a clip from the show in which, hilariously, Mundagze admits to being colorblind. And he doesn’t know anything about anatomy.

And something that especially didn’t work was coloring a picture of a brain and then asking brown what it thinks about gray, as prescribed by Texas-based psychotherapist Dr. Jerry Mungadze. Mungadze calls this a “natural MRI.” He also says the thyroid and adrenal glands are located in the brain. (Here’s another spoiler: They aren’t.) Also, as revealed in Jessen’s hidden-camera segment of Mungadze’s consultation, Mungadze is colorblind. Finally, his middle name is Motherfuckingfraud.

So now he says he may sue:

We reached out to Mungadze yesterday and heard back from him this morning. He still hasn’t seen the special, but he’s heard all about it: He says his office has received “hate mail,” he’s seen a little about it on Twitter, and he’s going to look into the likelihood of a lawsuit.

“It depends on what my lawyer says,” Mungadze says. “These people they are not going to hurt my business. I don’t work with them. I am not a gay therapist. I see all kinds of people all day long. These people for whatever reason are attacking me. Its funny, because most people who know me know I am not a vicious person. And people are shocked they’re attacking me. A friend in Southlake told me, ‘You should go to Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck to defend yourself,’ and I said, ‘I don’t want to waste my time, because there’s nothing to defend.’

“My job is to heal people, not to teach them how to behave morally or spiritually. I don’t want to get sidetracked with that. The people who want to come to me for help will always come. If I sue these people it will be to make sure they do responsible things, not because I want to prove something.”

Mungadze stresses, again and again, that he’s not a “gay conversion” therapist. He also stresses, again and again, that he does not believe people are “born gay.” Says the doc: “If anyone says people are born this way, they would have a hard time convincing the scientific world of that. But I’ve never made homosexuality an issue in therapy.”

Really? You haven’t? Then please explain this video:

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