A Creationist Answers Questions

A Creationist Answers Questions March 29, 2014

Allen Clifton challenged creationists to answer ten questions to see if they could provide an answer that makes any sense at all. Lo and behold, one of them did try to answer them. The result is exactly what you would expect, nonsensical answers and non-answers. A few examples.

1) Do you understand the difference between science and faith?

Right back at you! It takes more faith to believe in evolution, and may scientists even use the term faith to describe their believe in “missing links”. The real question is “Where you there?” Did you observe the beginning of creation? I thought that was necessary for science apparently not . . . especially when science needs to take a “leap of faith!”

In other words: “No, I don’t understand the difference between science and faith.”

2) If Noah really lived for 900 years, do you realize that means he lived for nearly 1/6 of the time you claim the world has existed?

If the dinosaurs lived for billions of years as you suggest, isn’t it interesting that they existed for 1/6 of your age of the earth? What kind of science can prove either? It takes faith to believe both. I see you’re still struggling with that “faith” thing!

Uh, no. Dinosaurs existed for about 165 million years, or about 3.6% of the age of the earth. And no, it doesn’t take faith to believe that. We have evidence for it. Lots and lots of evidence.

4) If humans and dinosaurs roamed the Earth at the same time, why don’t we ever find their bones in the same places?

Why don’t we find animal remains and human remains together today? Same reason! People didn’t bury their dead where they eat! Your questions are getting more and more ridiculous! Did you give this any thought at all?

*headdesk* Yep, that’s about what one could expect.

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