Russia’s Anti-Gay Law and Population

Russia’s Anti-Gay Law and Population March 31, 2014

Neil Munro seems to be rather unhappy that the Obama administration is pressuring Uganda, Russia and other countries to stop violating the human rights of LGBT people, dismissing it as “hard-edged effort to punish countries that disagree with its gay rights agenda.” I’ll take dishonest spin for $1000, Alex. And he offers this rather weird excuse for Russia’s policy:

The cuts are part of an ambitious foreign policy effort to rapidly elevate the status of gays in Africa and in other continents.

For example, shortly before the Russian government decided to seize the Crimea, Obama repeatedly urged the Russian parliament to reverse its popular law barring advocacy of Western-style gay rights.

“Nobody’s more offended than me about some of the anti-gay and lesbian legislation that you’ve been seeing in Russia,” Obama said.

The Russian law was intended to boost Russia’s shrinking population, which is expected to drop from roughly 140 million to 120 million by 2050. In contrast, the populations of China and the Muslim countries to Russia’s East and South are rising.

Really? Was that the intention? Because all they keep talking about, highly dishonestly I might add, is “protecting the children.” And please explain how throwing gay people in jail could possibly reverse the Russian population decline. Is the Russian government or Neil Munro really irrational enough to believe that if they just put enough gay people in jail, straight people will start feverishly pumping out at least 20 million more babies to stabilize the population? Or that gay people are going to just give up on being gay, get married and start reproducing like bunny rabbits? Seriously, what kind of argument could one possibly construct for such a moronic claim?

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