Steven Seagal Loves Him Some Putin

Steven Seagal Loves Him Some Putin March 31, 2014

Our favorite washed-up has-been actor and weapons-grade moron Steven Seagal is finally speaking out about Putin’s invasion of Crimea — and thank goodness, haven’t we all been waiting for his thoughtful reaction to it? — and he’s all for it. And he thinks Putin is so peachy that he just might apply for Russian citizenship.

American action movie star Steven Seagal has given state-run newspaper Rossiskaya Gazeta a whopping 2,000 word interview in which he expressed support for Russia’s actions in Crimea…

Seagal, a Republican who is thought to be a relatively close acquaintance of Putin partly due to their shared love of martial arts, said that Putin is “one of the great living world leaders” and that he “would like to consider him as a brother.” Earlier this month he helped Putin promote the relaunch of a physical fitness program discontinued after the fall of the Soviet Union.

This is not the first time that the action star and former deputy sheriff has spoken to Kremlin-run media about the situation in Ukraine. Last month English language television station RT brought on Seagal, 61, as an expert panelist on the situation in the country.

I guess Victoria Jackson was busy.

In addition to discussing Ukraine during the interview — published Wednesday — the newspaper asked whether Seagal would run for governor of Arizona, to which the actor said it was more important to be a peacemaker than the leader of a state.

Seagal also said that although he loves the United States, it is possible — “sometime” — that he will follow the lead of French movie star Gerard Depardieu and take Russian citizenship.

Please do. And then move there. And then shut the fuck up. Actually, shut the fuck up first.

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