Lapin Has a New Grift

Lapin Has a New Grift April 2, 2014

Daniel Lapin, the far right’s favorite rabbi, has found himself a new con. Well, new to him I presume. It’s actually a very old con, one that Christian televangelists have been using for decades by writing books about the Bible’s secret plan for getting rich. And it has something to do with lawnmowers and auto mechanics, as he and Pat Robertson discussed.

Robertson introduced Lapin by asking: “What is it about Jewish people that make them prosper financially? You almost never find Jews tinkering with their cars on the weekends or mowing their lawns. That’s what Daniel Lapin says and there’s a very good reason for that, and it lies within the business secrets of the Bible.”

Later in the interview, Robertson said that Jews are “polishing diamonds, not fixing cars.”

“When you correctly said in Jewish neighborhoods you do not find Jews lying under their cars on Sunday afternoons, no, I pay one of the best mechanics around to take care of my BMW, I’d be crazy to take my time doing it myself,” Lapin said. “Or for me to mow my lawn, I’m the worse lawnmower in the world, but the young man who lives down the street from me, he’s one of the best and he’s happy to do it and I’m happy.”

He added that paying for such services is all about “taking care of God’s other children.”

*scratches his head* Okey dokey. He also repeated that ridiculous nonsense about how God doesn’t want us to retire, proven by the fact that there is no Hebrew word for retirement. Logic!

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