Rubio: SOCAS Not In the Constitution

Rubio: SOCAS Not In the Constitution April 3, 2014

Marco Rubio took part in a live discussion in front of an audience last year with Eric Metaxas and repeated one of the most ridiculous Christian right talking points imaginable, the claim that separation of church and state is not in the Constitution because that exact phrase isn’t there.

“This notion of separation between church and state, you won’t find those words in the Constitution,” Rubio said. “That doesn’t mean that we should have an officially sanctioned denomination.”

Rubio warned that “there is an effort to silence those or to crowd out of its rightful place the role of the faith community in our country. The government cannot tell you what faith to belong to but it cannot tell you that you cannot speak about your faith.”

Great. Now if the government was telling people they can’t speak about their faith, that might be relevant. This argument is absolutely moronic. You also won’t find the phrase “separation of powers” in the Constitution either, but Rubio doesn’t seem to think that’s a problem. In 2011 he accused Obama of violating that concept that obviously doesn’t exist since the phrase isn’t there:

Rubio added, “This initiative is an overstep of authority that undermines exiting law, and violates the constitutional separation of powers. The responsibility for legislating lies with Congress, and forcing policy reforms through NCLB waivers violates this most basic of constitutional structures.”

Gee, his reasoning must only apply to those provisions of the Constitution he doesn’t like. How unsurprising.

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