Starnes Bleats About Marriage

Starnes Bleats About Marriage April 11, 2014

Todd Starnes of Fox News can almost always be counted on to offer the most hysterical and overblown perspective on any issue. In a column at Charisma News he makes some terrible arguments and unsupported claims about same-sex marriage, but he starts by displaying his inability to distinguish between TV and reality.

I grew up in a time when father still knew best—when Mr. Cunningham was dispensing words of wisdom to Fonzie, when Andy took Opie fishing and when Cliff Huxtable declared that he brought his son into the world and he could take him out. It was a time when Hollywood reinforced the values of the traditional American family. Television shows like The Waltons, Little House on the Prairie and The Brady Bunch presented portraits of strong families where parents ruled the roost and children knew their place.

Uh, Todd…those were TV shows. In the real world, that idyllic 1950s world was one in which your parents said the very same thing you’re saying now, that the world was going to hell in a handbasket and sin was running rampant, only they blamed it on Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis instead of gay people. Black people and women were legally discriminated against on a daily basis, protesters were being beaten by cops, attacked by dogs and had fire hoses turned on them. Not exactly the flowery picture that the sitcoms portrayed.

Critics might argue that the nation’s divorce rate is actually declining. But Jeffress believes that’s evidence of a much greater problem.

“Fewer and fewer people are getting married, so fewer people are getting divorced,” he says. “The overall health of the American family is in critical condition.”

I don’t think Jeffress understands what a divorce rate is. Not the sharpest bulb in the sign, to say the least.

Jeffress believes the legalization of same-sex marriage has “cheapened” traditional marriage.

“When you counter something, you cheapen its value,” he says. “When you say marriage is whatever you want it to be, people begin wondering—why bother getting married anyway? This counterfeit of marriage is having devastating sociological effects. More kids are being raised in one-parent homes. You simply cannot break God’s most basic moral law without serious ramifications.”

Okay, how about a little evidence of those “devastating sociological effects”? Massachusetts has now had same-sex marriage for 11 years. Have people in that state stopped getting married, started getting divorced more, stopped loving their kids? Nope. In fact, none of those horrible effects you folks keep bleating on and on about have actually happened anywhere same-sex marriage has been legalized. The bigots are like the boy who cried wolf. When the wolf never shows up, no one takes them seriously anymore.

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