Judson Phillips Has a Thinking Problem

Judson Phillips Has a Thinking Problem April 15, 2014

Some people have drinking problems; Judson Phillips of Tea Party Nation seems to have a thinking problem. In his latest missive, he stirs up a frothy mix of bad math, false assumptions and lies to claim that more than a million Democrats voted twice in the 2012 election, ensuring Obama the win.

What is the shocking secret that may explain how Obama got a second term?

A study done in North Carolina showed that 35,750 people who live and voted in North Carolina may have voted in another state in the 2012 Presidential election. The study was based on comparing the first and last names along with date of birth for people who voted in 28 other states. In 765 of those cases, social security numbers matched as well.

This number would have probably been larger but only 28 states participated and the four largest states, California, New York, Texas and Florida did not participate.

If you extrapolate this figure out over the entire population, that could be over one million double votes in 2012…

Democrats are not winning elections. They are taking them the old fashioned way. They are stealing them.

How are thee a moron? Let me count the ways. First of all, there was no “study” done in North Carolina. There was an initial report from North Carolina Elections Director Kim Strach that they had found 35,750 people who shared a name and birthday with someone who voted in another state, but that only 765 of them had the same Social Security Number. But that list of 765 people was only the beginning list for investigating those votes. When that has happened in other states, only a tiny percentage of them have turned out to be actual cases of voter fraud.

When you start with a number 46 times higher than even the preliminary number, you’re going to get a really huge and scary sounding result. If you do the extrapolation using even the full 765 number, you get about 21,000 double voters. Out of about 100 million votes cast, or about .0002% of the votes cast. That’s a pretty dumb way to try to steal an election. And of course, he assumes that all of those people were Democrats, which is just another stupid assumption.

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