Trump Still Pretending He Might Run for President

Trump Still Pretending He Might Run for President April 17, 2014

Donald Trump is in the middle of yet another public plea for attention by pretending he might run for president. He went to a New Hampshire event populated by other Republican presidential wannabes like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee and talked about something he undoubtedly knows all about:

Billionaire Donald Trump framed himself as a job-creating anti-politician in a preview of his potential 2016 presidential pitch to a crowd of conservatives in New Hampshire Saturday.

Speaking at the New Hampshire Freedom Summit, a gathering of conservative activists and figures organized by Americans for Prosperity and Citizens United, Trump told the crowd that “we need somebody who’s gonna get things done, and politicians are all talk and no action.”

“All talk, it’s all bull—-,” he added. “It’s all talk, and it’s no action.”

You mean like someone who repeatedly pretends he’s going to run for president and talks incessantly about it in every election cycle but never does it? That kind of bullshit, Donald?

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