Liberty Counsel Helps Set Up ‘American’ Clubs in Schools

Liberty Counsel Helps Set Up ‘American’ Clubs in Schools April 18, 2014

Matt Barber has Christian Reconstructionists writing for his new website and now Liberty Counsel, the organization he works for, is helping students set up “American Clubs” in secondary schools. What are American Clubs? Groups set up by the Institute on the Constitution, which is also run by Christian Reconstructionists and white nationalists.

Liberty Counsel is an international litigation, education and policy organization with a mission to defend the sanctity of life, religious liberty, and marriage. The American Club is a student-led club that exists to educate students about the importance of our constitutional liberties and their source in God. As part of a nationwide effort to promote constitutional literacy, Liberty Counsel is proud to stand behind the student leaders of American Clubs to assist in the exercise of their First Amendment rights in order to hear and present various viewpoints on these subjects. Should the American Club on your campus experience opposition from those opposed to the principles of the Club, Liberty Counsel stands ready to provide legal services to the American Club and its student participants at no charge, and to assist your Club in its mission. Contact Liberty Counsel at 800-671-1776.

As Warren Throckmorton points out, the Institute on the Constitution could hardly be more un-American. Here’s the IOTC’s “senior instructor” David Whitney:

Loving thy neighbor means protecting their God given rights as Exodus 12:49 commands. That means preserving the structure of civil government from all who would pervert the civil government into an agency of legalized plunder, whereby the God given rights of no one would be safe and secure. This means, as we have seen in the commands of Scripture that we restrict citizenship to those who, because they are committed to the Covenant of Disciples of Jesus Christ, are willing to submit themselves to serve in the roles of responsibility in choosing leaders who will preserve God ordained order.


Welcome to theocracy. The IOTC was founded by Michael Peroutka, who is also on the board of the pro-segregation, neo-Confederate and white nationalist League of the South. How…”American.”

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