Rush Blames Obama for Kansas Shootings

Rush Blames Obama for Kansas Shootings April 18, 2014

You knew that it was only a matter of time before some wingnut blamed President Obama for the former KKK leader who went on a shooting spree at two Jewish centers in Overland Park, Kansas. And the odds were pretty good that it would be Erik Rush who did it. And here you go:

“The anti-Semitic tone that is being tolerated, in my view, by so many in this country and as a result of the tone I believe that the administration and the press have set, they’ve chosen to capitalize on every racist incident that has happened when it is in the interests of their agenda or their ratings, fomenting racial discord between various races, between blacks and whites and the anti-Israel sentiment has become pretty much epidemic,” Rush said. “I’m kind of surprised that we haven’t seen more in the way of anti-Semitic violence.”

Uh, yeah. You do realize that the perp here was anti-Semitic long before Obama was out of high school, right? Must be Obama used that same time machine he used to go back and plant those fake birth announcement in Hawaiian newspapers, the one George Soros created using instructions from Saul Alinsky.

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