Is ‘Cell Block Psychic’ a New Low for ‘Psychics’ and TV?

Is ‘Cell Block Psychic’ a New Low for ‘Psychics’ and TV? April 22, 2014

Television these days is mostly a vast wasteland of stupidity but this new show may take the cake: Cell Block Psychic features “psychic” con artist Vicki Monroe talking with convicted murderers to put them in touch with the “spirits” of their victims.

A new TV series featuring a psychic who allegedly talks to spirits connected with convicted murderers and crime victims is coming under fire from those who work with grieving families.

“Cell Block Psychic” features Maine-based medium Vicki Monroe attempting to communicate with the otherworld to provide closure to the loved ones of murder victims.

Monroe uses a technique of speaking with the dead known as cold reading. Spirits supposedly send images or phrases, and she asks the people she’s talking with to fill in the blanks.

“I’m getting the letter R? Does that mean anything to you?” Yeah, he raped her before he killed her. Is that close enough, you fraudulent ghoul? If you’re really in touch with “spirits,” why can’t they just tell you the name you’re grasping for? Why does this only work through a very old technique used by con artists forever to convince the credulous that they’re magic?

This is absolutely disgusting, even for an obvious flim flam artist like Monroe, whose track record of being flagrantly wrong in her “psychic” predictions is easily documented. Among her predictions for 2013 was that Congress would ban automatic and semi-automatic weapons. Oh, and that the Boston Red Sex would not be in the World Series (they won it) and that Tom Cruise would leave Scientology.

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