Beck Misleads Liberty University Students

Beck Misleads Liberty University Students May 7, 2014

Glenn Beck gave a talk at Liberty University recently and, as Warren Throckmorton points out, made a lot of false claims. He’s going to be doing a separate post on some of them and the first one is about his claim that Hitler put Bible scholars in concentration camps.

Let’s start with Beck’s incorrect identification of the people required to wear the purple triangle. Beck said at 10:04:

or this one, what got you sent to the concentration camps for the purple triangle? You were a Bible scholar. The Bible is the enemy to fascists.

Jehovah’s Witnesses were required to wear purple triangles in Nazi concentration camps. The Nazi’s called the Jehovah’s Witnesses Bibelforscher (Bible student/researcher) and viewed them as dangerous because they refused to salute Hitler. Beck’s presentation is misleading and obscures the fact that many Protestants and Catholics stood by while the Witnesses were persecuted. Perhaps Beck confused the terms “Bible students” with “Bible scholars,” but the way he used that term without identifying the Jehovah’s Witnesses gave the impression that orthodox Bible teachers were rounded up. While a very small percentage of orthodox Christians (Baptists, Adventists, pentecostals, etc.) were taken into custody, the overwhelming majority of purple triangle wearers were Jehovah’s Witnesses. Given that Beck said he vacationed at Auschwitz and has studied the history, it seems incredible to believe he was unaware of these facts.

This isn’t the first time Beck has made this claim. He said the same thing last year at the Values Voters Summit and many people, including me, pointed out that it’s false. I suspect he’s just lying and doesn’t care that it’s not true. It fits his narrative and that’s all that matters.

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