Fleming: We Can’t Let Our Precious Veterans Smoke Pot!

Fleming: We Can’t Let Our Precious Veterans Smoke Pot! May 7, 2014

Rep. John Fleming was one of the members of the House of Representatives who voted down an amendment that would have allowed VA doctors from discussing medical marijuana with veterans in states that allow it. On Tony Perkins’ radio show he explained his ignorant and ridiculous rationale:

“Why in the world would we want to go out and damage and injure and even create death and destruction to our beloved veterans who have put their lives on the line by giving them marijuana?”…

“It’s like adding gasoline to a fire. You would never order for a veteran that they begin drinking alcohol in response to PTSD, you would never tell a veteran they should use heroin as a solution to their depression problems, well that’s what you’re doing by suggesting the use of marijuana,” he said.

The Department of Health and Human Services just a few weeks ago finally approved the first real study on the effect of marijuana use on PTSD, so we will have solid evidence to go on in the next couple years. There’s much anecdotal evidence that it can have a positive effect on PTSD and lots of vets who want to have legal access to it. And of course, PTSD is not the only condition for which marijuana might be useful in helping alleviate suffering. Like most drug warriors, Fleming just lumps all illegal drugs together as though they were all the same thing.

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