OAS Spokesman: Obama May Order Drone Strike of Rally

OAS Spokesman: Obama May Order Drone Strike of Rally May 10, 2014

May 16 will be the latest ragtag gathering of wingnuts marching on Washington to get Obama to resign his office. They predict anywhere from 10-30 million people will show up; If it’s even a tenth of a percent of that, I’ll be shocked. And now Terry Trussell, the OAS “chief of staff,” says that Obama might order a drone strike and destroy the capitol to get rid of them. Seriously.

Hoffman: You know, people are going to be down there for days. I said you might want to bring a bug out bag of sorts because you never know what’s going to happen down there, you may have to run for your life. It may never happen, they just go peacefully, these guys may step down and we’ll all pat each other on the back and say ‘God bless America, let’s get back to the Constitution and move on.’ But hindsight’s 20:20 and the worst can happen as well, and I told people bring bug out bags, get some walkie-talkies, go in a small group of 3 or 4 people, stay in communication, constant contact with your group, make an alternate meeting spot if you get split up from one another where you can find each other even if one person steps away, have a time limit, 20 minutes if you ain’t back meet me at the monument. Get together and stay together and be safe, always keep your eyes open because I’m sure there’s going to be people from the liberal-left-progressive side, the Marxists, the anti-freedom and liberty people, in the crowd starting trouble, that’s almost a guarantee.

Trussell: Yup…

Trussell: We have a liaison with these law enforcement agencies, we’re going to work in cooperation with them to keep the peace and to stop these people when they try to disrupt. We’ve got some strategies in place that can shut them down so fast and so completely that there won’t be any problems like that. Now if something bigger happens, you know they can pull in drones, but when the government destroys the capital just to get rid of us, I think it’s going to work to their discredit.

Ya think? These people are paranoid fantasists. Utterly delusional.

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  • matty1

    What constitution is it that requires a president to resign if groups of three or four people camp on his lawn?

  • If only.

  • blf

    Drone strike? Good grief. The Blues Brothers could easily deal with these nutters…

  • cswella

    Oh, what fun I could have with a cheap remote controlled drone with a payload of water balloons.

  • D. C. Sessions

    It’s a good thing that there will be so few of these characters there, and not just because they won’t have any porta-potties to handle the shit they’re going to be spewing.

    Can you imagine what would happen if they did get a large crowd and someone called out over one of the walkie-talkie channels (preferably one that seems to be least connected to reality) that the ATF stormtroopers were marching in from (at least two directions)?

  • jaytheostrich

    Damn.. you mean a few American friends and I could have helped get Bush Jr out of office? Missed opportunities… Would have been worth the drive south.

  • martinc

    Did you hear that, you three or four people who are going to attend the rally? It’s important that you only arrive in groups of three or four.

  • dhall

    They’ll be so disappointed when they’re completely ignored.

  • These are pathetic little people. They tell themselves stories to make themselves feel important. They exaggerate to enhance the story, and have to keep one-upping themselves. “I can bring 5 million people” “Oh yeah? I can bring 6 million!” We all tell ourselves stories, but most of us have reconciled those stories with reality. These are little kids who don’t have the perspective to do that. It all sounds like school yard bragging.


    Where are Jake and Elwood in our time of need? At the risk of Godwinning the thread, these people do remind me a lot of the Illinois Nazis in that movie. Pathetic, powerless and, at the very end, hypocritical.

  • Sounds like a postcard from another planet.

  • Artor

    What the fuck is an OAS?

  • caseloweraz

    cswella: Oh, what fun I could have with a cheap remote controlled drone with a payload of water balloons.

    Better idea: Equip the drone with a paint sprayer (non-allergenic water paint, of course) that can hit a face-sized target at about ten feet.

    (Ref: the Gallegher stories by Lewis Padgett (pen name of Henry Kuttner AIUI). I’ve always said that reading science fiction pays off.)

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    There were more permanent protesters camped out across from the Whitehouse during the Bush I and Clinton years than these guys are likely to be able to muster. I don’t recall either of those presidents having to resign over it, but my memory of that time isn’t the greatest.

    One unarmed drone flying over this group of marching wingnuts will probably send them scurrying like rats. It would be almost worth doing just for the laughs, were it not for the fact that people this crazy would be bound to hurt someone amidst the confusion.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Artor @ # 11: What the fuck is an OAS?

    It useta be the western-hemispheric Organization of American States, but they’ve been superceded by the western-Nevada Operation American Spring (previously playing as the Bundy Bunch).

  • Michael Heath

    Ed’s blog post reads:

    OAS Spokesman: Obama May Order Drone Strike of Rally

    Ah, they’re creating an excuse on why hardly anyone will show-up relative to their claim it’ll be 10 – 30 million people.

  • pocketnerd

    I’ve said it before: This is LARPing for the Tea Party set.

  • raven

    I suspect half of them won’t make it.

    They are in Bunkerville, Nevada keeping Bundy safe from the BLM and Space Reptiles and don’t dare leave.

  • marcus

    What Trussell doesn’t realize is that Obama has at his disposal an elite team of ninja SEALs. There will be no need for drones. Dawn of May 17th will find Trussell’s head spiked on the White House fence I’ll warrant.

  • The projection of right wing loonies is often terrifying in its implications.

  • anubisprime

    WithinThisMind @ 19

    The projection of right wing loonies is often terrifying in its implications.

    It is considering the collective IQ stands not knee high to a height challenged grass hopper.

    Sooner rather then later a bunch of ‘gud ‘ole bhoys’ will act all heroic and macho on the self generated paranoia and tragedy will ensue.

    The innocent will suffer…guaranteed!.

  • Ben P

    >What constitution is it that requires a president to resign if groups of three or four people camp on his lawn?

    Obviously these people are irrational, on the other hand, in 1932 as few as 47,000 veterans camping in DC and marching on the capitol were enough to scare the Hoover administration. The police were first ordered to evict the bonus army and after an incident where police became cornered by a crowd and shot several veterans, Hoover ordered the military to evict the Bonus army from Washington. The army evicted the protesters at gunpoint to disastrous public relations consequences. Four months later Hoover lost the election to Roosevelt in a landslide.

  • dingojack

    Artor (#11) – Clearly, a bunch of superannuated, angry French-Algerians (Organisation Armée Secrète).*



    * but for a rundown: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OAS

  • I borrowed the time machine (it was left, unlocked, behind the WH) and I have a snippet of the conversation I recorded when I timetripped to the early hours of 5/17/14:

    HQ to flight commander: Obomber One, this is Control do you read? Over!

    Flight commander to HQ: Affirmative, over!

    HQ: You are to begin your strafing runs on the Mall at 0600 hours, and go all ‘Red Dawn’ on their asses. Over?

    Flight commander: Roger that. We will have to use only the Vulcans, all of our other ordnance was deployed at the Smoking Hole in the Ground f/k/a “The Bundy Ranch”. Over and out.

    There may some gaps in the translation but that’s to be expected as I had to translate the original IslamoMandarin speech of the original.

  • Ysidro


    Ninja seals? How do they hold shuriken in their flippers?