Klingenschmitt Rewrites the Garden of Eden Story

Klingenschmitt Rewrites the Garden of Eden Story May 13, 2014

Gordon Klingenschmitt cracks me up. On his little internet show last week he said that he thinks the “forbidden fruit” that Eve partook of in the Garden of Eden was not an apple but was marijuana. You might want to take a couple bong hits before you click on this.

“There are certain weeds in the garden, even in the Garden of Eden, that were forbidden by God,” Klingenschmitt said, saying that the Bible never uses the word “apple” to describe just what it was that Adam and Eve ate but “the Bible does use the word ‘forbidden weed.'”

“So here’s my hypothesis,” Klingenschmitt said, beginning to laugh as apparently even he realized the ridiculousness of what he was saying, “maybe it was marijuana! … How do you know that the serpent didn’t give pot to Eve and say ‘go ahead, and the day that you eat this, you’re not going to die.’ The fact is, you are going to die.”

Die from laughter at how much of an idiot you are? Quite possibly.


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