Bedrosian’s Unwitting Admission

Bedrosian’s Unwitting Admission May 14, 2014

Al Bedrosian, the Roanake County, VA supervisor who thinks America should eliminate the separation of church and state and be a Christian theocracy, unwittingly makes a perfect argument against his position that only Christians should be allowed to say prayers before board meetings:

Reached Friday for comment, Bedrosian stuck with his original comments. He was asked again how he would respond to a non-Christian’s request to offer the invocation at the Roanoke County Board of Supervisors meetings.

“I would say no,” he said. “That does not infringe on their freedom of religion. The truth is you’re trying to infringe on my right, because I don’t believe that.”

Wait, you mean having to sit through the prayers of other religions you don’t believe in infringes on your rights? Gosh, that sounds like a really good argument against your position, doesn’t it? Oh, I’m sure he wouldn’t acknowledge that. He’d make some idiotic argument that since this is a Christian nation, that’s the default and non-Christians do not have the same rights.

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