Bryan Fischer Disproves Evolution

Bryan Fischer Disproves Evolution May 14, 2014

Bryan Fischer thinks he has disproved evolution. And it might be true for certain values of “disproved,” but he seems to have no idea what that word means. It’s disproved, he says, because the Bible would be wrong if it were true. Wow, such a compelling argument.

But Paul’s point is: Death did not enter into the world until sin came in, and sin came in through Adam. So before Adam, there was no death. Now, if evolution is right… you’d have to have literally millions of years where there was death. Death in the animal kingdom, and death in the human kingdom. You’d have to have millions of years of people being born and people dying.

And yet the scriptures are very clear: Death entered into the world through sin, and sin entered into the world through Adam. No sin, no death. Prior to Adam, there was no death. So evolution cannot possibly be true. It’s just a matter of theological fact.

Ooh, a “theological fact.” Those are really valuable. With a handful of “theological facts” and $5.95, you can get a coffee at Starbuck’s.

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