Wingnut: Public Schools Causing ‘Holocaust’ in Churches

Wingnut: Public Schools Causing ‘Holocaust’ in Churches May 14, 2014

Ray Moore, the completely unhinged Tea Partier running to be the next lt. governor of South Carolina, is doubling down on his demand that public schools be eliminated. Why? Because they’re causing a “silent holocaust” in American churches by teaching evolution and homosexuality.

A GOP candidate for lieutenant governor in South Carolina said yesterday that public schools are pushing a “silent holocaust” in churches by supposedly turning young people away from Christianity.

Ray Moore has made criticism of public schools a centerpiece of his campaign, urging the state to replace public schools with an education system led by “churches, families, and private association” and warning that they turn students, like a young Hillary Clinton, into anti-Christian “janissaries.”

Speaking yesterday with conservative talk show host Steve Deace, Moore warned that public schools are “wrecking” Christian families.

Moore claimed that studies show that “80 percent of Southern Baptists youths are leaving the church and abandoning the Christian faith, and we think all of this is pretty much attributable to government schooling.”

Or…maybe they’re leaving to get away from morons like you.

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