Bradlee Dean Tosses a Word Salad

Bradlee Dean Tosses a Word Salad May 16, 2014

Bradlee Dean is, to say the least, not the brightest bulb in the sign. Clear thinking is not a gift his fictitious god has blessed him with, nor is good writing. In his latest Worldnetdaily column, this paragraph fairly leaps off the page for being particularly incoherent:

America seems to have forgotten the price God has paid on her behalf by shedding His grace upon us through His Son Jesus Christ to establish our given freedoms. Instead of America responding to Law, Judgment, Righteousness and Truth, it seems apparent that God’s voice is no longer a permissible objective in the course America is now taking.

Now that is some world class religio-babble. Jesus died for the freedom of Americans? That doesn’t seem like the usual Christian position. I thought he was alleged to have died for our sins. And if that were the case, wouldn’t you think that somewhere in the intervening 1700 years there would have been at least one example of a Christian country that had anything like freedom?

And that last sentence…A permissible objective? How could “God’s voice” be an “objective”? This is very Sarah Palin-like, as though he’s playing a game of Madlibs and just throwing together a bunch of phrases while struggling to make complete sentences out of them.

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