Coach Dave Hearts Gay-Killing Pastor

Coach Dave Hearts Gay-Killing Pastor May 16, 2014

“Coach” Dave Daubenmire loves him some James David Manning. Manning, you may recall, is the Harlem pastor who says that gay people should be put to death like it says in the Bible and that Obama is releasing “homo demons” on the black community. The two of them are getting together for an event to “bury racism” at Gettysburg. And by “bury racism,” I mean claim that the south should have won the Civil War.

We are going to Gettysburg to bury racism.

My friend Pastor James David Manning is a minister in Harlem who happens to have black skin. I had the opportunity to share the podium with Pastor Manning five years ago and immediately felt a kinship with him. My wife and I have visited his church, spoke from his pulpit, and locked arms with him in the battle against darkness.

It is an honor to call him my friend.

Of course it is. Bigots of a feather flock together.

Pastor Manning warned us way back in 2008 that the election of Barack Obama would absolutely destroy this nation. He became an “internet sensation” because of the “outrageous” things he said regarding the direction America was heading. He become a pariah in Harlem, the heart of black America, because of his outright opposition to the election of Barack Obama. He has been pillaged by his “own people,” as the racists love to say. Pastor Manning says Christians are his “own people.”

Nearly a year ago Pastor Manning shared with me his desire to go to Gettysburg and bury racism. He shared with me the vision to join black Americans and white Americans together in a RACIAL RECONCILIATION AND HEALING OF THE RACES. It immediately bore witness with my Spirit as something we needed to do.

Gotta love the scare quotes around “outrageous.” Because it’s not at all outrageous, Daubenmire clearly believes, to say that gay people should be stoned to death. Okay Dave, you own it now.

A study of the war will show that the fight was over states rights more than slavery, and an argument can be made that the wrong side won the war. Government tyranny has exploded since the battle over states’ rights was lost. It has been said that the Gettysburg Address was the most famous speech in American History, but that it would have carried more weight if President Lincoln was referencing the brave Confederate soldiers who were fighting against big-government tyranny. Has there ever been a more Christian general than Robert E. Lee?

*headdesk* Seriously.

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