Ladies and Gentlemen, Erik Rush and Jim Garrow

Ladies and Gentlemen, Erik Rush and Jim Garrow May 17, 2014

I think Erik Rush and Jim Garrow should go on the road to play comedy clubs and theaters. They can call it the Tweedledumbass and Tweedledumberass tour. When you read exchanges like this, all you can do is shake your head that they can be this inane and that there are people dumb enough to believe them.

On his radio show earlier this month, Erik Rush told far-right conspiracy theorist Jim Garrow that the Obama administration is seeking new gun laws in order to forcibly disarm Americans and enable Islamists to take over the country.

Rush warned Americans, like others, may soon be “waking up and going, ‘holy crap, we’re all Muslims.’”

“They are trying to dilute, subvert and nullify our Second Amendment rights so we won’t have — we’ll have armed jihadis coming to our doors and we won’t be able to defend [ourselves],” he added…

Garrow also discussed his latest conspiracy theory about the Obama administration supposedly introducing Sharia law by asking government officials if they would “show loyalty to Islam” or consider converting to Islam.

Okay, I’m confused. Is this before or after he nukes South Carolina and starts talking to aliens?

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