Jesse Lee Peterson is Not a Happy Camper

Jesse Lee Peterson is Not a Happy Camper May 21, 2014

Right wing fringe figure Jesse Lee Peterson is highly agitated at the moment. He’s upset because he saw a man — GASP! — kiss another man on television. And because this is apparently going to destroy free speech and turn other men gay and cause dogs and cats to live together.

Millions of American families were caught off-guard by the disturbing televised image of black football player Michael Sam and his “boyfriend,” Vito Cammisano, mouth kissing after the St. Louis Rams drafted Sam. The liberal press is celebrating Sam for being the first openly gay player in the NFL.

The world has become one upside-down place! Christians are being slammed while homosexuals are being lifted up.

Yeah. That might be because Christians, unlike homosexuals, sponsor so much absurd, authoritarian and dangerous legislation. Just a thought.

In America today, good is mocked and evil is rewarded. People who speak out against the immorality in the culture are accused of being hateful and judgmental.

Yeah, that’s because they’re hateful and judgmental.

GLADD and other LGBT homosexual groups are using Michael Sam’s race and his sexuality to force black Americans and, by extension, all Americans to accept an abnormal lifestyle. This is not about tolerance or diversity – it’s an attack on masculinity and the traditional family.

Ah yes, the “traditional family.” It’s never been clear how treating gay people as human beings is an “attack” on the “traditional family,” and that is by design. That’s how dog whistles work, they don’t actually say anything but they signal others that the person uttering them is a member of the same tribe of bigots.

If you criticize Michael Sam or the LGBT movement, the gates of hell will open and evil will come after you.

For example, former Super Bowl champion Derrick Ward was viciously attacked after he tweeted, “I’m sorry but that Michael Sam is no bueno for doing that (mouth kissing his boyfriend) on national TV …” He added, “Man U got little kids looking at the draft. I can’t believe ESPN even allowed that to happen.”

OMG! Little kids might have seen that! And therefore…what? What would they learn, that gay people are human beings with equal rights? That gay people have people they care about just like straight people? Those things are true. Some Christians like to use the trite cliche that “we struggle not against flesh and blood.” They’re right. Their struggle is with reality. Always has been.

It’s not hateful for Dolphins player Don Jones to point out that Sam’s gay mouth kissing was “horrible”; it was spot on! The team’s overreaction is an attack on free speech, and it will have a chilling effect across the league. We expect this kind of assault on individual freedom in communist North Korea, not in the United States!

Yes! Communist North Korea! And Hitler! And Darth Vader? And that Pinhead guy from the Phantasm movies! And Freddie Kruger! And that guy who tried to molest Arnold on Different Strokes! And you’ll pardon me if I don’t take seriously the protestations about freedom from a guy who wants to deny women the right to vote.

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