Miller: Boycott Businesses That Don’t Discriminate

Miller: Boycott Businesses That Don’t Discriminate May 30, 2014

Gina Miller, one of the editors of Matt Barber’s new site BarbWire, is mighty upset that some businesses in Mississippi are putting stickers in their windows saying that they don’t discriminate against LGBT customers. In fact, the mere act of not discriminating against them prompts Miller to tell Christians to boycott them.

Even though those parts were removed, and even though no reference to “homosexual,” or any of the rest of the Alphabet Soup Perversity Brigade is mentioned in the legislation, homosexual activists are still waging war against the new law. Now, they have created window stickers for businesses that state, “We don’t discriminate. If you’re buying, we’re selling.” The sticker has a rainbow-colored line running through its center…

The truth of the matter is the exact opposite of how the Left portrays it. Christians are not refusing to serve homosexuals, but homosexuals are targeting Christian-owned businesses with demands that would force the owners to participate in the desecration of marriage, in direct violation of their conscience. When Christians politely refuse them, instead of going down the street to a willing business, they sue the Christians. These activists know exactly what they’re doing, and their goal is not to get a stupid “wedding” cake made for two men. No. Their goal is to use the courts to strip the rights and freedoms of Christians and any others who are opposed to the militant homosexual movement’s agenda, which includes the destruction of marriage.

The AFA published a list of Mississippi businesses that have signed on to place one of the anti-Christian, pro-homosexual stickers on their windows. Here’s the “If You’re Buying” site where you can also see the sticker and the business list as it’s updated. These are businesses you might want to avoid here in Mississippi, unless you’re in the mood to go inside and find out if they really understand what that anti-Christian sticker means.

Well yes, of course. If you go in there you might actually be in the same building with a gay person and you might get cooties or catch The Gay. That’s just good thinking.

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