WND Clutches Pearls Over Gay National Landmarks

WND Clutches Pearls Over Gay National Landmarks June 2, 2014

The National Park Service is working to identify sites that have an important place in the history of LGBT Americans and the Worldnetdaily is predictably clutching its pearls at the idea. Because OMG, that might put them on the level with other famous landmarks!

The Liberty Bell center. Jefferson’s Monticello in Virginia and George Washington’s boyhood home. Mt. Rushmore. The Supreme Court building in Washington and the White House. Delaware’s “Old Courthouse.” The Daniel Webster law office in Massachusetts.

All protected by the federal government to preserve the nation’s heritage…

The federal government has announced plans the set up an 18-member team within the National Park Service to consider locations of “significance” to the “history of lesbian, gay, transgender and bisexual Americans.”

Then they might be designated as a historical landmark, or placed in one of the other protected categories the federal government establishes and maintains…

The announcement immediately drew a warning from Ed Vitagliano, an official with the American Family Association, which has as constituents millions of American families and individuals.

He said, “The homosexual movement and its activists have been quite successful in pushing this ideology and now framing the debate.”

He said the shift to a “secular” nation was begun, and out of that came the “sexual revolution.” The results are a nation that “our Founders would not recognize.”

“The country is no longer being run by ‘We the People.’ The country is being run by activist federal judges, it is being run by a fairly lawless executive branch,” he said. “And there is really no real counterweight to that movement except for the church. And far too often the church remains quiet on this issue.”

He said the foundations of the nation were changed by the elite without permission of the people, and now there is “no stopping” the movement.

You’re right, there’s no stopping. So you all should just STFU. Or move to Russia. We’ll help you pack.

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