Obama Fomenting Revolution by Ignoring Tea Party

Obama Fomenting Revolution by Ignoring Tea Party June 12, 2014

Glenn Beck’s morning rants to his staff continue to produce high comedy. He told them this week that Obama is “fomenting revolution” by making the Tea Party feel invisible, unlike gays and thugs and illegal aliens. And that’s why they go for their guns. Because yeah, the Tea Party hasn’t gotten nearly enough attention on the planet Beck lives on.

"Because “slavery lovers” didn’t test well."

Theologian Hot Water Over Racist Ideas
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Theologian Hot Water Over Racist Ideas

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  • matty1

    Well it’s possible. Who knows what it’s like on his planet?

  • dingojack

    Wait ’till Mr Bek realises that a majority of voters ignore Teabaggers, then he’ll turn into — the Incredible Sulk.


  • parasiteboy
  • lorn

    Yup … ignoring them, doing nothing, is clearly just the sort of cagy and sly tactic that proves that Obama is practicing mind control and playing 11 dimension political chess.

    If Beck actually believed his own words, and given that he regularly advocates for revolution, he might try to trigger a revolution by becoming invisible. I think that if he tried really hard and kept at it for say … fifty years … just to make sure he hasn’t given up too early … and we see how it goes.

  • Larry

    I’ve always thought of teabaggers as being a bunch of unruly fat children with lots of guns and little common sense. Now, it appears, they’re like children diving from the edge of a pool: Mom! Mom! Look at me!! Mom. You’re not looking! Mooooommmmm!

  • lorn

    +1 Larry @5.

    A lot of truth in that.

  • John Pieret

    they’re like children diving from the edge of a pool: Mom! Mom! Look at me!! Mom. You’re not looking! Mooooommmmm!

    More like a two-year-olds on the floor, drumming their heels and trying to hold their breath until they turn blue.

  • karmacat

    Unfortunately they are 2 year olds with guns

  • grumpyoldfart

    The doomsayers have been spinning that line for as long as I’ve been alive.

    You have revolution when people feel invisible…

    You have revolution when taxes reach ?%

    You have revolution when inflation reaches ?%

    You have revolution when women get equal pay with men

    You have revolution when gun laws are introduced.

    And each doomsayer over the decades has worn the same earnest look as Glenn Beck does in this video.

    So far no revolutions!

  • lakitha tolbert
  • raven

    When Glenn Beck says Tea Party, he means…Glenn Beck.

    1. He has enough money. It’s estimated that he has accumulated $100 million since he left Fox NoNews.

    2. What he really wants is to have people take him seriously. And power.

    His audience is just far out there lunatic fringers with brains the size of walnuts. And no one important can be bothered trying to decode Beck’s gibberish. Remember, this was the guy who was too weird and insulting for even Fox.

  • raven

    Beck is also wrong as usual.

    People are paying attention to the Tea Party. They don’t much like it anymore.

    aattp.com May 21, 2014:

    CBS News has released the results of a new poll revealing that support for the Tea Party has hit a record low of 15%. This is the lowest percentage reported since CBS first polled on this issue in 2010.

    That was the last mid-term election year, when Tea Party support had peaked at 31%.

    Even among Republicans, only 32% sympathize with the Tea Party, down from the July 2010 peak of 55% —

    Tea party support is down to 15%, 32% for Theothuglicans according to a recent CBS poll.

    2. They pay attention when right wingnuts kill people also. They don’t much like domestic terrorism either.

  • mikeyb

    Bigots and morons and promoters of hate and hateful public policies – i.e. the tea party, should be ignored. They should have their arguments dismantled, opposed, mocked and ridiculed at ever turn as frequently as possible.

  • Trebuchet

    I keep reading “fomenting” as “fermenting” and thinking of the previous post. That is all!

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    @ Mikeyb : Your two sentences contradict each other. I think your second lien is correct and not your first.

    Of course no group seems quite as keen on fomenting revolution as the Tea party so ..

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    @8. karmacat : “Unfortunately they are 2 year olds with guns.”

    What do you have against two year olds?

    At least toddlers have a good excuse for not knowing stuff and throwing tantrums.

    PS. lien = line in my second sentence in #15 natch.

  • =8)-DX

    Of course he had an obligatory thugs (*coughblackscough*) reference. Otherwise he doesn’t make sense. How could anyone say the Tea Party is revolting if it’s invisible!

  • abusedbypenguins

    Watching beck and the tea party is similar to chimps at the zoo, flinging poo.

  • What sort of arrogance does it take to believe that your group is so special that merely being ignored is grounds for violent revolution? Just think of how much more enraged they’d be if Obama actually put effort into opposing them? How dare he hit back!

  • Ichthyic

    If the idiot authoritarians are really gonna grab their guns and start a revolution, I wish they’d just get on with it already, so they can be crushed in a day, and finally SHUT THE FUCK UP.

    I know it will never happen though because… Operation American Spring.