How Does Someone Hate This Much?

How Does Someone Hate This Much? June 23, 2014

Malia Obama spent a day on the set of a new Halle Berry TV show as a production assistant, fetching coffee and that sort of thing. When this was reported at Breitbart and other right wing “news” sites, the commenters spewed some horrifying hatred and racism over it. From Breitbart:

butchz: Elite POS *(Piece Of Shit)* like her daddy!

sally forth: sorry but that one always appears to have attitude imo. always scowling PERIOD.

jay28elle: Of course. Sure, why not? My son is beating the street to find a decent job, and this bozo kid gets a cush job ONLY because she is the kid of the prez. Great example, Mr & Mrs Obama – that kids only need to be connected in order to get a job. But then again, neither of you ever earned anything you ever got.

2BFree2B: I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Guess that celebrity mentality is a family trait. I won’t be watching Halle Barry’s anything or buying from any sponsors…she just passed the “liberal” test.

Merry: Wonder if she’ll dress as badly as her mom, who, for most of the photos I’VE seen dresses like a washerwoman.

UpChuck.Liberals: Which is an upgrade from what she should be wearing, an orange jump suit.

Felix Rodkin: This is funny: her garb cost like gazillion bucks but it looks on her like a caricature! I guess it is because he can’t shake ghetto off…

Lou Gibbons: Shake the ghetto off when it comes so naturally to someone like her ?

freedomfighterx: another commiePIG on a commie PIG network, how sweet

And from Drudge:

Cathie Smeal Kennedy: is she old enough to send to Iraq

Larry Blanks: Not a biological daughter. Doesn’t favor either one of them nor her sister.

Sabomnim Pamela Scott-Czerwin: Wow. That is all we need. Another camera whore

Mary Spencer: Using her “black privilege” to get into show business

Richard Jones: black privilege.

George Houston: Looks like they hire unqualified minorities, just like president Obama

John Lambert: UGLY!

Larry Ceja: Should be in “roots”.

Lesa Mason-mullen: Blah blah blah…COCKROACH

Dean Minshall: As ugly as her mammie.

I just don’t understand where this kind of hatred could possibly come from. She’s a 15 year old girl in an impossibly difficult situation. Would you want to be a president’s kid? And I don’t ever remember seeing anything like this about the Bush daughters. Chelsea Clinton got it, with Rush Limbaugh calling her a dog and much more.

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